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We Provide Programs That Increase Health Literacy & Reduce Health Disparities Among Minority Women & Girls

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Our Mission Is To Improve The HealthOf Minority Women & Girls ThroughEducation, Engagement & Empowerment

The overall health of American women has improved over the past few decades, but not all women have benefitted equally. 

Many minority women continue to lag behind white women in a number of areas, including quality of care, access to care, timeliness, and outcomes. Although there have been improvements in minority women’s health, we still have a lot of progress to make.

How We Help

We provide programs to improve the health of minority women & girls through education, engagement, and empowerment.

We Engage

We connect with minority women & girls through our College Ambassador Program and Kickstart Health and Wellness Conference.

We Educate

We inform minority women & girls on health related issues through guerilla marketing, social media marketing, workshops and special events.

We Empower

We empower minority women & girls to take control of their health by making healthy food choices, getting check ups, and adapting healthy behaviors.

Become A Sponsor

Support our health programs to increase health literacy and decrease health disparities among minority women and girls in the U.S.

Our Programs

College Ambassador Program

BGH Ambassadors engage students from HBCU institutions and communities on and off-campus to help eliminate health disparities and increase health literacy among underserved college-aged minority women and girls.

For every two ambassadors recruited into our program, we reach 1,000 college-aged women and girls through our health messaging. Our ambassador’s focus on disseminating health information on HIV prevention, Obesity, Nutrition, Heart Disease, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Mental and Maternal Health through guerilla marketing, social media marketing, and interactive workshops.

Our program is implemented at several HBCUs throughout the North Eastern Region.

Become A BGH Ambassador

BGH is looking for college students who are passionate about health to become an ambassador with BGH to help reduce health disparities and increase health literacy among college-aged women in the following states: Washington, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia.









Minds Matter Campaign

BGH’s Minds Matter Mental Health Campaign is comprised of six weekly workshops that are designed to help you take control of your mental health.

This campaign is spearheaded by our Ambassador Program in partnership with National Network of Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health’s All of Us Research Program and the Dauphin County Library System

The workshops focus on relieving stress and anxiety with restorative and faith-based yoga, natural therapies to help heal from trauma & mental health issues, building self-esteem among the youth, motherhood & postpartum depression related issues, discussions on emotional disorders, and the social, economic, and cultural impacts that lead to anxiety, with linkage to care for each workshop.

Kickstart Health and Wellness Expo

This all-day event brings together experts across the health and wellness spectrum, including educational workshops, sessions, demonstrations, preventative care awareness, and free health screening and HIV testing. Attendees select and participate in the sessions that most affect their daily lives, and everyone joins in for our live-streamed social media talk show that spreads our health mantra beyond the venue.

Our college ambassadors participate in the community outreach event via facilitating workshops related to the following: sexual health/HIV prevention, Breast Cancer, Obesity, Heart disease, Fibroids, Maternal Health, and Mental Health.

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Actress Vivica A. Fox With BGH Foundation Founder Porcha Johnson at the 4th Annual Kickstart Health and Wellness Expo

About Us

Black Girl Health Foundation, Inc is a non-profit 501c3 that creates pathways to improve the health of black women and girls through education, engagement, and empowerment. 

The foundation connects with women of color through its College Ambassador Program implemented at educational institutions and communities in the northeastern region. The program helps students and women in the surrounding communities adopt healthier behaviors through nutrition and exercise.

The non-profit furthers its health impact on women and girls of color through it's National Kickstart Health & Wellness Program; which includes an entire day of interactive workshops by renown health experts, doctors, health screenings, and fitness trainers to motivate women to take control of their health and give them resources to make informed decisions.

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