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A Non-Profit Organization 501(c)(3)

We Provide Programs That Increase Health Literacy & Reduce Health Disparities Among Women of Color

Our Mission Is To Improve The Health Of Women of Color ThroughEducation, Engagement & Empowerment

The overall health of American women has improved over the past few decades, but not all women have benefitted equally. 

Many women of color continue to lag behind white women in a number of areas, including quality of care, access to care, timeliness, and outcomes. Although there have been improvements in women of color's health, we still have a lot of progress to make.

The non-profit furthers its health impact on women and girls of color by partnering with Black Girl Health, LLC for is annual  National Kickstart Health & Wellness Program; which includes an entire day of interactive workshops by renown health experts, doctors, health screenings, and fitness trainers to motivate women to take control of their health and give them resources to make informed decisions.

How We Help

We provide programs to improve the health of Women Of Color through education, engagement, and empowerment.

We Engage

We connect with Women Of Color through our College Ambassador Program and Kickstart Health and Wellness Conference.

We Educate

We inform Women Of Color on health related issues through guerilla marketing, social media marketing, workshops and special events.

We Empower

We empower Women Of Color to take control of their health by making healthy food choices, getting check ups, and adapting healthy behaviors.

Become A BGH Ambassador

BGH is looking for college students who are passionate about health to become an ambassador with BGH to help reduce health disparities and increase health literacy among college-aged women and women of color throughout their communities.s









Our Programs

Our new mental health services clinic consists of community based and individualized support to women and girls of color that need additional wrap around and psychosocial support to address areas of functioning that may be impaired or that require rehabilitation.

The BGH Clinic is a service provided by the Black Girl Health Foundation, Inc to Women of Color in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Charles County, and Prince George’s County in Maryland. We have a core belief that, in addition to remission of psychiatric symptoms, quality of life for our clients must improve. Therefore, our community-based program is specifically designed for Functional Recovery, Social Recovery, and Mind + Body Wellness.”

Become A Sponsor

Support our health programs to increase health literacy and decrease health disparities among women of color and girls in the U.S.

Our Events

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College Ambassador Program

BGHF Ambassadors engage students from collegiate institutions and communities on and off-campus to help eliminate health disparities and increase health literacy among underserved college-aged women of color.

For every two ambassadors recruited into our program, we reach 1,000 women and girls in urban communities through our health outreach. Our ambassador’s focus on disseminating health information on HIV prevention, Obesity, Nutrition, Heart Disease, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Mental and Maternal Health through guerilla marketing, social media marketing, and interactive workshops.

Minds Matter

BGHF Minds Matter Mental Health Campaign is comprised of interactive workshops that are designed to help you take control of your mental health.

 BGHF’s Minds Matter is a mental health workshop series In partnership with public libraries across the country. The workshop series is done both virtually and in-person and includes an entire mental health awareness social media campaign that spearheaded by BGHF’s college ambassador program.   

The Superwoman Project

“Superwoman Project” is a national campaign targeting African American Moms, that includes in-person/virtual educational community workshops in different cities across the country. Superwoman Project has been developed to provide support to moms in every aspect of their lives, including, but not limited to, new motherhood, reproductive health, maternal/child mortality, parenting, postpartum depression, holistic health, marriage and relationships, leadership, and navigating the workforce.

Join BGHF and our partners at Planned Parenthood and Advocates Alliance on Saturday, August 19, 2023, for our  1-day virtual event. 

I'm A Survior

“I’m A Survivor” is a digital campaign that includes a 5k Walk Virtual Walk Challenge in the month of October.

The 5k will include African American breast cancer survivors who will share their stories of survival to young black women during the walk. The goal is to educate women about breast cancer among black women and the importance of knowing their bodies and getting screened early. 

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