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How You Can Support

Our goal is to create health ambassadors across the nation

To help women of color and residents in underserved communities make informed decisions about their health. For every 2 college ambassadors we recruit we are able to reach 1,000 women a year.
The ambassador program connects with certified health experts to help our ambassadors and women in the surrounding communities to adapt healthier behaviors through nutrition, exercise, and disease prevention education that includes: Breast Cancer, Obesity, Mental Health, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Maternal Health, and HIV/AIDS. We need your financial support to grow our program to deepen the health impact in communities near you.  

Your donations will support the foundations overall health mission and provide support to our College Ambassador Program.


BGH2019pics (144 of 183)

Corporate Sponsor Levels

Bronze Sponsor 5,000  (1) ambassador one school year
Silver Sponsor 10,000  (2) ambassadors one school year
Gold Sponsor 20,000   (4) ambassadors one school year 
Platinum Sponsor 30,000 (6) ambassadors one school year
Diamond Sponsor- 40,000 or more (8) or more ambassadors one school year 
Sponsors  are also given the opportunity to upload their logo to be recognized for their giving. The logo will be uploaded on our website.

Individual Donor

Individuals are also given the opportunity to sponsor the foundation and be recognized for their giving. Their name and donation will be featured on the website.