Dr. Judy Johnston

Judy Johnston, Ph.D., is a lifelong educator and champion of leadership development. As an educator focusing on developmental and integrative learning, Dr. Johnston works to create sustainable leadership roles for professionals from non-traditional backgrounds. She has established methods that help non-traditional students to develop leadership skills by tapping into their lived experiences. By putting a voice to life skills that individuals already possess, she can foster personal growth and empower individuals to pursue leadership roles. These innovative programs have a proven track record of creating continued long-term growth. The programs promote individual character development by encouraging individuals to reflect upon their personal experiences and stimulate the elaboration of their leadership style.

Dr. Johnston’s career, educational path, and life experiences have afforded her the ability to develop exceptional leadership skills and a collaborative work ethic. As a seasoned professional, her career has established her as a visionary leader.  She is a strong advocate for leadership development and dedicated to empowering people to reach their most significant potential by understanding that the essence of their leadership abilities occurs in their everyday life. She also has a proven track record and reputation for thinking creatively and positively impacting program and organizational development.

She is currently the Vice-President of Strategic Planning and Leadership Development for J2 Associates, a service-disabled veteran-owned small SBA8(a) company in Raleigh, NC. Part of her chief responsibilities is to oversee the diversification of the organization’s company portfolio. Under Dr. Johnston’s direction, the company is expanding their services to become a full-service organization committed to assisting establishments in developing cohesive communication patterns regarding business objectives, policies and procedures focusing on strategic planning, leadership development, diversity awareness (to included understanding the obstacles associated with socially deprived groups) and conflict resolution.

She has held various board positions and currently is a founding board member of Seasons Village, a 5013C non-profit that partners with single mothers to create a strong foundation that supports intergenerational prosperity.  Dr. Johnston is married and resides in Raleigh, NC.


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